MamboLoco 8 1/2 Birthday Event


MamboLoco 8 1/2 Birthday Event

So here's the deal people, we're celebrating our great 8 1/2 Birthday on May 27-29, and trust me, it's gonna be BIG!
2 amazing teachers
2 days of mindblowing workshops
3 not to be missed parties
... and one and only MamboLoco :)

Follow the white rabbit, I mean, update will follow real soon!

P.S. YES, you read it correctly 8 and a half years :)

The Perfect Schedule


Sometimes he is described as “the blackest white dancer in Russia”. And you know what, I tend to agree with that quote. Amazing NY salsa, swing, afro-cuban dance teacher, probably the most recognized figure in social dances in Russia, with a huge and diverse background and experience. If you haven’t met him yet, you’re gonna be inspired as hell, trust me on that. If you have, well... then you don’t need me to explain, why you should come to his classes


He is a great teacher, very “into the music”, fun yet gentle social dancer, who has an amazing personality, that lights up everyone around him. He calls it “funflow effect”, but I personally think it’s some kind of hypnosis. I honestly have no idea what drugs I was on, but the fact is, that I personally characterized him as “one of the brightest, amazing, fun, gifted, real and adorable people I have ever met!”. And I’m not the only one, who fell under this funflow effect.

Some more random impressions:
Самуэль - классный и простой парень, позитивный, веселый, энергичный и вообще потрясающий человечище. Время, которые вы с ним проведете будет ярким воспоминанием в вашей жизни, гарантировано

Samuel is not only a charismatic and musical teacher who can explain different nuances of the dance in a simple way, but also a hell of a combination of energy, style and humor.
Was never seen sitting on the parties. Dances cool and all styles, with everyone and everything what he sees

Sometimes it's nice to watch and appreciate. Such a pleasure watching this guy dance last night at the Berlin Salsa Congress pre-pre-party. He had some of the most creative moves and flavour I've seen in a very long time. This video only captured 5% of what I saw him do. (Moe Flex)

Dances and teaches pretty much everything, specializes in Mambo, Pachanga, Cah-cha, Bachata sensual, Kizomba.


Yes, all these amazing people are going to play during 8 1/2 event. Yeyyyyy!!!!


Perfect place for Welcome Party and After Party in the end of Mat is a terrace by the river :)

And a fancy huge night club for the Saturday Party