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О нас/About Us

                            Alina                   Mihail

Mamboloco is a social dance school, based in Riga (Latvia).

MamboLoco are acknowledged snobs of Riga salsa community. For them Latin dances start with the respective music and culture. In their classes they not only teach steps and figures, but also musicality, movement coordination, pay attention to interplay in couples, movement aesthetics and authenticity of dance styles, as well as educate their students in both musical and historical fields of dance. Incredible as it may seem, they manage to keep joyful and artistic atmosphere in class. They were first among Latvian dance teachers to start teaching Cuban Rumba, Cuban Son, Dominican Bachata.

Mihail and Alina are experienced, passionate, creative teachers, social dancers, choreographers and performers.

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For private classes, performances, wedding dances etc. please contact us directly:

Mihail Gubenko-
Alina Pavlova-26817276